Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving up from Pre-K

Few more weeks to go and I am about to finish my Pre-kindergarten level in Early Childhood and ready to move up to Kindergarten next school year. I will be studying in Mary May Jones School next year and will be meeting new friends, classmates and teacher again. Mom and Dad met with my teacher last Thursday morning to talk about my improvements as Pre-kindergarten. Mom and Dad asked about graduation announcements but my teacher said there will is no graduation for pre-k.  I am feeling sad coz few weeks from now  I will be missing all the friends and classmates close to me. Mom said I don't have to be sad coz I might see them again in Mary May Jones next year. I know it's possible so I am hoping and praying to see them there too next year.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hello Disneyland!

When I was younger than my age today, I always love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tv show.  I always love to participate with Mickey and friends adventure. I love to sing and dance long with them all the time. I can watch Mickeymouse Clubhouse most of the time and I can watch it over and over again coz I love them very much!

Yesterday I was thrilled when mom said that we are probably gonna go to Disneyland CALIFORNIA this summer! Hooray!  I can be able to see Mickey Mouse and Friends live! But mom said only if  dad can afford  all the stuff we need such as the plane ticket, hotel accommodation, disneyland tickets and other expenses. Mom said we have to start saving if we want this trip to happen soon. So starting from today, I need to stop buying toys first so I can help mom and dad save money and get to visit Mickey mouse and friends in Disneyland soon! 
I am so excited and can't wait to meet mickey and friends, last night I was actually dreaming about it. In my dreams I was able to dance with Mickey mouse, minnie, donald, daisy and more! I even dreamed that my sister was with the other princesses dancing too! I must been so excited, what do you think?