Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010 My First Fieldtrip

My first fieldtrip! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I had a blast! I thought I will never had a chance to join the fieldtrip because Ate got sick. Good thing God heard my prayers and Ate's fever was miraculously gone away and so we all went to the fieldtrip! Hoooray!
I had a very fun experience joining this fieldtrip!
Just wanna share some of my pics with ate Ishi and ate Aliyyah

These are my baon aside from nuggets and hotdogs...yummy! =)

First activity when we arrived - exercise and games!

I love climbing!!

Some exciting part of this fieldtrip - FISHING!!! This is my first time and I love it though I didn't catch any fish so Mommy borrowed one from the other kid...look!
See? Now I am happy! =)

I also feed some animals like this horse...
And I was able to play with the rabbit =P

Stop wiggling tickles! =))

Horseback riding...FUn FUn Fun but not as fun as with my experience with Daddy @ Tagaytay last summer Yi-hah! =)

Riding in carabao's cart is also fun! =)

Coz I've been able to touch the carabao!

And one more thing...boating! =)

I'm saying goodbye here to the Carabaos and to the whole Fun Farm Family! "See you again next time!!"

Now time to eat in the bus while hitting the road back to Manila...I didn't able to eat lunch coz I'm very busy playing! =)

Last stop - Repertory Philippines! My first time to watch first it looks boring to me but I'd still enjoyed it.

Hope to have more field trips ahead! =) I was wishing tomorrow will be fieldtrip again but Mom said it was only once a year. But it's okay coz I really had blast!