Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deal Site for everyone

 Mom loves to go shopping but now that she’s quite busy due to her work and she just paid our bills, I want to surprise here for some sort of deal I have searched from the internet. offers great prices that you couldn’t imagine. I even saw last time that one of my favorite gadgets has been offered on the site with very reasonable price. But it’s too late in our part as mom bought me already one before I saw this deal. Since they offer great discounts from 10%-100% off to their deals, some would think that it is a scam but there are things needed to be proved before we pin-point a site that it is indeed fraud.  Just like everyone says about nomorerack scam. I get their point but if you are able to research for more nomorerack reviews, for sure you would end up knowing the fact about the site. So much for that, if you really love to save from buying your wants, then deal sites are the best fit for you. And if you don’t trust those new deals sites that are coming out in your way, then you are free to google everything about it. Just be wise enough and be positive always, after all it doesn't harm you at all.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My mom has finally decided that she wants to come up in the world and get an email account. Not too long ago I helped her get her internet set up through hughesnet. Now I cannot keep her off the computer. I asked her who in the world she would be sending emails to, and she said that it was none of my business. I am sure she wants it because her younger sister has it and keeps pestering her to get more computer literate and get an email address. So that is what I plan to do tonight. I will go over to her house for dinner, and then we plan to sit down at her computer and get her going with an email address. I know she will get a kick out of sending emails to all her grandchildren who are in college. It is much better for her than mailing a letter because she always has to go out to get postage. And, this won’t even cost her to send an email. I am sure it will be a long night because she is not always the best student to try to teach something new. And, she says after that she wants to learn how to get on Facebook. I might as well spend the night.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gift Idea for your Loved Ones

After celebrating the welcome of 2012, people are now preparing themselves in the celebration of  Valentines ’s Day this coming month of February. And mostly couples are excited with this day and at the same time worried on what gift they could give to each other. But of course guys wouldn’t get worried compare to women, as they have many ideas on what present they could give to the woman of their lives. But as of this generation we presently have, I guess these ideas could help women as well on what to do. 
There are lots of ways on how to surprise our partners. Good thing is that there are shops that do offer delivery and sell their products online which make people order their desired gift to their loved ones easily. Sending gifts to our loved ones is one of the best ways we could surprise them during Valentines. One of the best ideas to do is probably send flowers to the people whom we loved, the most typical yet ideal way to make them happy for the rest of the day. Sending those flowers to them not just symbolizes how sweet you are but of course, for me; it also symbolizes an everlasting love and care. Flowers are indeed touches everyone’s heart not because of its fume and appearance but the meaning of it when it came from the one you love.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Benefits of E-Cigarette

Smoking is one of the addictions adults and even teens are engaged of, but I just kept on wondering if how this thing could help them as individual. Well, probably there’s none but good thing is that, there’s a product made only for those smokers who can’t even minimize using cigarettes, the E-Cigarette. E-Cigarette has been proven effective to those who have addictions in smoking, as this helps individuals minimize the nicotine being inhaled and other bad sides of smoking cigarette has, while they smoke. Aside from this, it is also very friendly to our surroundings.  Unlike using cigarettes alone, E-Cigarettes also minimize the smoke to avoid being inhaled by the smoker or even the second hand smoker. I just remember one time when my friend’s family visited our New Year’s Eve party at home; his dad is using an E-Cigarette. He actually told me that his mom is very thankful with the product as this really lessens the bad effects being inhale by his dad compare when using cigarettes alone. Well, I actually don’t still understand what is with smoking why do others engage in using cigarette but all I know is that, E-Cigarette is a big help to those who can’t really minimize smoking. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Birthday Preparation

The day before my birthday, we went shopping for some stuff we need for  my birthday. Mommy shopped for my goodie bags and some balloons for decors. Mommy really loves this kind of stuff. She love to prepare goodie bags, giveaways especially making balloon stuff! 
Last night, mommy did all the pumping of balloons and made me a red and blue pillar balloon with foil car balloon on top.

 She also prepared the goodie bags while me and my sister was asleep coz she don't wanna be disturbed.

I love how mommy did my goodie bags, it's just a simple transparent blue and red bags but she made it wonderful because of the cars stickers. I love it and my visitor loved it too!
Mommy really wanted a business in line with parties coz aside from making all these stuff, she also love kids and she also good at hosting parties!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gingerbread Man

Last Christmas, our teacher gave us a cut out ginger bread paper and asked us to make some clothes for the ginger bread.
Mommy helped me make mine and she also prepared some materials for my sister so we can both make our ginger bread in costumes.

Here's the Gingerbread men made my me and my classmates...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jake and Eli's Birthday Party @ Jumpzone

My friends from after school program - Jake and Eli celebrated their 5th birthday at Jumpzone last Sunday!
My sister, my dad, my mom and I was there to celebrate with them.
I had fun playing with my friends and now I am so excited to celebrate my own birthday soon!!!!

Here's some of our photos take during the party...

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am turning 5!

I am turning 5 soon! Mom and Dad asked me where I want to celebrate my Birthday, at Chuck E Cheese, Fast Lane or Jumpzone and ofcourse I chose Jumpzone!!!
My sister's 6th birthday was in there and I love it so I want to celebrate my birthday there too!
Reservation Set! My cake will be from Tita Avi of Lot's of Sugar who made my big sissie's barbie cake and mine will be CAR cake.

I am going to give out my invites maybe tomorrow, Friday and I can't wait!
Mom is still thinking what kind of goodie bags she's going to give out and balloon decors she's going to make me.  I just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Basketball Class For Me

I wish I can enroll in any extra curicullar activity like Basketball this year like my big sister who is now enrolled in Cheerleading class. I was with her last night attended her first cheer leading class and I got to play basketball while waiting for her class to start. I did some shooting and I love it unfortunately I can't enroll in the class yet coz I am only 5 years old. One more Year to wait!