Monday, January 10, 2011

Feb 4, 2011 Varicella Shot 2

AJust had my 2nd Chicken Pox shot today by my Ninong DOC @ Franco Clinic. I hate it as usual.
We love Ninong Doc that's why Ate Ishi and I are both excited to visit his clinic anytime mom drags us there. This time, we both know we will be having our injection but, as always, we were refusing. Mom took Ate (big sister) first, her legs were wrapped by mommy's legs and her hands were held tight by moms' hands, I heard Ate screaming "Ayaw ko injection mommy, ayaw ko" (I don't like injection mommy, I don't like!") but mom and the nurse were not letting her go until the shot was finished and I can still hear her crying till mom called me. Mommy was looking for me, I don't like injections too so I hid under her chair. When she founds out where I am hiding, she tried talking to me but I still don't wanna come out. She tried pulling the chair out of me so I held the chair tight so she can't get me. The nurse helped Mom until she got me and tried to calm me. I am really afraid of injections! But I can't do anything already so I just cried and cried while they are giving me my shot, same position as my Ate .
Mom was very frustrated for not bringing her camera, she was laughing at me when I hid under the chair. I bet I was so funny that moment but I know Mom was afraid of needles too and I'm sure she was just trying to calm herself to make us feel calm too. After that long cry of me, here I am again like nothing happened, playing and eating pancakes mommy made for us when we got home. :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 9, 2011 Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all of us! How's your holidays? As for me, I enjoyed my gifts so much! I missed my daddy being not here with us but we were just fine. We were soon gonna be with him and I can't wait for that to happen. But before that, mom and dad didn't forget about my birthday so they were preparing for simple celebration next week :D
I am excited! :D