Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 Ate Ishi's Pool Party

I had so much FUN yesterday...Ate Ishi's swimming party is a very nice idea. I enjoyed it a lot. I was tired and that is why I wasn't able to go to school today and tomorrow is holiday so I'll be having a long vacation :)

Ate's classmates were there and so AJ, ANJO's baby brother. Anjo is Ate's classmate and her favorite friend while AJ is my favorite friend. Ate and I were very happy they could able to attend. They were like our Special GUESTS.
Our cousins were there too! They are also Ate and I's friends.
The party was suppose to start at 10 but we arrived at 1030 and most of the guests were there swimming already.
When we arrived the party immediately started and had GAMES and magic shows. Mom forgot about the best in swim wear contest and she seemed frustrated about it.
After we ate I started to stay in the POOL and that was around 12:30 pm till 5pm. :)

Me in Ate's wall of FAME :)

Me and My Ate Ishi :)

Me with Teacher Gel

I enjoyed playing with Teacher Gel :P
That's how I love water and so
Mommy said I already have colds and hopefully it will not get worst.
However, even if I had colds, I will still choose to swim and swim. I love swimming! Actually I also requested for a swimming party also just like Ate but still have to talk to Daddy. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010 School Time is BACK!

I enjoyed my vacation after very exhausting 2nd quarter examination in school!
I had a blast on different Halloween Party and Trick or Treatings!
Mom brought us to different parties aside from Halloween. We even traveled Angeles Pampanga to attend a birthday party! Tiring but Fun!

This coming weekend we will be attending two different birthday parties and then Ate Ishi's upcoming Birthday is so soon!! I am so excited!
That's all for now! Good day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010 2nd Quarter Exam Moved Tomorrow

We have no classes for two days due to "Bagyong Juan". Mom and Ate had so much time to review for the examination coming tomorrow instead of today.
Mom tried to review me yesterday but she can't handle us both at the same time, so Mommy reviewed Ate first.
Time to go to school now! See yah later!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010 My First Fieldtrip

My first fieldtrip! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I had a blast! I thought I will never had a chance to join the fieldtrip because Ate got sick. Good thing God heard my prayers and Ate's fever was miraculously gone away and so we all went to the fieldtrip! Hoooray!
I had a very fun experience joining this fieldtrip!
Just wanna share some of my pics with ate Ishi and ate Aliyyah

These are my baon aside from nuggets and hotdogs...yummy! =)

First activity when we arrived - exercise and games!

I love climbing!!

Some exciting part of this fieldtrip - FISHING!!! This is my first time and I love it though I didn't catch any fish so Mommy borrowed one from the other kid...look!
See? Now I am happy! =)

I also feed some animals like this horse...
And I was able to play with the rabbit =P

Stop wiggling tickles! =))

Horseback riding...FUn FUn Fun but not as fun as with my experience with Daddy @ Tagaytay last summer Yi-hah! =)

Riding in carabao's cart is also fun! =)

Coz I've been able to touch the carabao!

And one more thing...boating! =)

I'm saying goodbye here to the Carabaos and to the whole Fun Farm Family! "See you again next time!!"

Now time to eat in the bus while hitting the road back to Manila...I didn't able to eat lunch coz I'm very busy playing! =)

Last stop - Repertory Philippines! My first time to watch first it looks boring to me but I'd still enjoyed it.

Hope to have more field trips ahead! =) I was wishing tomorrow will be fieldtrip again but Mom said it was only once a year. But it's okay coz I really had blast!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 25, 2010 Daddy's Gift

Thank you dad for my new toy!

I love any toy so I decided to chose woody and bullseye more that buzz light year. Now I am thinking of having buzz too! =)) I asked mommy to buy me Buzz. =P I just don't know if she's gonna buy one. =)
Here's my new present from daddy...

(woody and bullseye)

(Me and my new toy)

Nice isn't it?

Italic(My Ate and Me with our Toys)

Italic(My Ate and her "jessie")

Hope to have more toys soon again =)
Thanks DAD! We love you!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010 I Played with Daddy thru Skype

Cool! I just saw daddy in the computer!
We didn't taked much but we played peek-a-boo! =)

(I was blocking the camera so daddy can't see me...=P )

This is a fun day for me. I may not talk too much but in my heart I was so happy to see my daddy! If you just saw my smiles when I saw him. Daddy noticed it. I also said "Mis a kita daddy" (I miss you daddy!) =)
Hope to chat again with daddy! I miss him already! =)

Good day! Till next time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010 School Days without Daddy

2nd week of classes is about to sad daddy isn't here to praise me whenever I got a star in my hand. He left last week for work in Arkansas USA and he has to stay there for 2 years. Mommy said we will be there soon and we will be reunited soon so I am looking forward to that. I wanna ride an airplane like daddy did.
I am often masungit to daddy but now that he's far from us, I am missing him. I missed showing him my works, my achievements and I miss him coz he never missed to praise me. I miss playing with him. I missed the moments he was throwing me up to the ceiling. I really love that!
Hope we could be together soon. I am praying to God to make everything alright soon.

By the way I was absent today. I am having a hard time waking up early, mommy didn't forced me to go to school maybe because I am not feeling well.

That's all..See you soon DADDY! We Love YOU!

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010 School Time's Comin Up!

School's gonna start this coming June 15. I'm officially enrolled in Ate's school - La Cabecera de Montessori not just "saling pusa" but Junior Casa. =)

Mom and Dad secured all we need.

Tuition Fee - check! We're already enrolled!

Here are some of my stuff Mom and Dad prepared for my first official school year.

notebooks - check!

Books - check!

crayon, pencils, paste, scissors, and plastic folder as indicated in school lists of things we need to buy - check!

Bag - check!

shoes - check!

I guess I'm ready for school now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 21, 2010 End of School Year 2009-2010

Finally but sadly school days has ended. After recognition and graduation will be VACATION! Wondering what I'll be doing this summer. Mom decided to bring ate to Gymnastic school, I can't go there yet coz I am underage. Hope to have something to do this summer. For now, I still have a recognition and graduation to attend to. Hope to get awards! After that we're still going to Pagudpod this coming holy week, we're still have plenty of things to do. Will post it soon! Good day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010 I am Finally GRaduating as "Saling Pusa"

I am finally graduating as nursery "saling pusa" this coming March 27, 2010! That is another milestone for me! Mom and Dad were very excited to see me in stage wearing toga =) Good luck to my new adventure =)
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Thats all! Good day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010 Graduation is Coming

I haven't post so many events of my life... my birthday and christmas party, and now graduation is fast approaching, hope I could post them soon! Few more weeks to go and it's vacation already. I am sure mommy is thinking of activities for summer. Mom wants us to attend swimming lesson or gymnastics but I am too small for those activities yet. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 8, 2010 Updating.....

I don't have anything to blog much.....I guess it's because I am a boy and girls talk too much. Just wanna update my blog...I need something to post. Actually there are lots happened this past few months....Semestral break, exams, christmas, new year and of course My Birthday. About semestral break, I enjoyed it! Ate Ishi and I did play all week long. My exams were okay. My school were okay though sometimes I am not attending coz most of the time I feel so sleepy. That's because I am waking up so early because Ate were so noisy in the morning when she is getting ready for school. Despite of that I still love to read in front. I love it when Teacher Anida is calling for my turn. What else? Oh I also attended school's christmas party! That was fun! There are gifts, foods and dancing. My Christmas eve and day is also fine...same with New year. What I really enjoyed for the past months was my birthday! Mom spent it both in school and at home. I didn't enjoy it much in school because I wasn't feeling okay that morning. After that party, Mom put me to sleep, then when I woke up my 2nd batch party were cousins were there playing already in our terrace. Mommy set up a play area for us....that was fun! But since I am still not feeling well, I am sometimes not in the mood to play with others, but I enjoyed blowing the candle, slicing up my cake...and opening up my gifts. I love all of my gifts. Thank you for all of those! That's all for now...till next time! Good day!