Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010 School Days without Daddy

2nd week of classes is about to sad daddy isn't here to praise me whenever I got a star in my hand. He left last week for work in Arkansas USA and he has to stay there for 2 years. Mommy said we will be there soon and we will be reunited soon so I am looking forward to that. I wanna ride an airplane like daddy did.
I am often masungit to daddy but now that he's far from us, I am missing him. I missed showing him my works, my achievements and I miss him coz he never missed to praise me. I miss playing with him. I missed the moments he was throwing me up to the ceiling. I really love that!
Hope we could be together soon. I am praying to God to make everything alright soon.

By the way I was absent today. I am having a hard time waking up early, mommy didn't forced me to go to school maybe because I am not feeling well.

That's all..See you soon DADDY! We Love YOU!

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