Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 Ate Ishi's Pool Party

I had so much FUN yesterday...Ate Ishi's swimming party is a very nice idea. I enjoyed it a lot. I was tired and that is why I wasn't able to go to school today and tomorrow is holiday so I'll be having a long vacation :)

Ate's classmates were there and so AJ, ANJO's baby brother. Anjo is Ate's classmate and her favorite friend while AJ is my favorite friend. Ate and I were very happy they could able to attend. They were like our Special GUESTS.
Our cousins were there too! They are also Ate and I's friends.
The party was suppose to start at 10 but we arrived at 1030 and most of the guests were there swimming already.
When we arrived the party immediately started and had GAMES and magic shows. Mom forgot about the best in swim wear contest and she seemed frustrated about it.
After we ate I started to stay in the POOL and that was around 12:30 pm till 5pm. :)

Me in Ate's wall of FAME :)

Me and My Ate Ishi :)

Me with Teacher Gel

I enjoyed playing with Teacher Gel :P
That's how I love water and so
Mommy said I already have colds and hopefully it will not get worst.
However, even if I had colds, I will still choose to swim and swim. I love swimming! Actually I also requested for a swimming party also just like Ate but still have to talk to Daddy. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010 School Time is BACK!

I enjoyed my vacation after very exhausting 2nd quarter examination in school!
I had a blast on different Halloween Party and Trick or Treatings!
Mom brought us to different parties aside from Halloween. We even traveled Angeles Pampanga to attend a birthday party! Tiring but Fun!

This coming weekend we will be attending two different birthday parties and then Ate Ishi's upcoming Birthday is so soon!! I am so excited!
That's all for now! Good day!