Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids, Wants and Necessities

Time flies so fast. I can’t believe my kids are growing up all too quickly right before my very eyes. I am quite certain that in just a matter of months my children would already be bugging me to buy stuff for their respective rooms. To tell you honestly, I am already envisioning what my kids’ rooms would look like. I would probably put asian nightstands in my son’s room so he’ll have a place to put some of his books and toys in. He can also use the top of the nightstands for his school things and I can even put some of his baby pictures there.
As for my daughter, well I know she loves pink so her room would probably have a princess-like feel to it. I would probably get a pink floor lamp which she can use when she’s reading a book or working on her assignments.
But of course, before I start thinking about future expenses like those I mentioned above, I need to focus on immediate needs first. One of those needs is a fuel pump for the car. Hubby and I are already going over some portable fuel pumps being sold online. I just hope we can find a good deal.