Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 8, 2010 Updating.....

I don't have anything to blog much.....I guess it's because I am a boy and girls talk too much. Just wanna update my blog...I need something to post. Actually there are lots happened this past few months....Semestral break, exams, christmas, new year and of course My Birthday. About semestral break, I enjoyed it! Ate Ishi and I did play all week long. My exams were okay. My school were okay though sometimes I am not attending coz most of the time I feel so sleepy. That's because I am waking up so early because Ate were so noisy in the morning when she is getting ready for school. Despite of that I still love to read in front. I love it when Teacher Anida is calling for my turn. What else? Oh I also attended school's christmas party! That was fun! There are gifts, foods and dancing. My Christmas eve and day is also fine...same with New year. What I really enjoyed for the past months was my birthday! Mom spent it both in school and at home. I didn't enjoy it much in school because I wasn't feeling okay that morning. After that party, Mom put me to sleep, then when I woke up my 2nd batch party were up....my cousins were there playing already in our terrace. Mommy set up a play area for us....that was fun! But since I am still not feeling well, I am sometimes not in the mood to play with others, but I enjoyed blowing the candle, slicing up my cake...and opening up my gifts. I love all of my gifts. Thank you for all of those! That's all for now...till next time! Good day!

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