Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting over my fear of pleat draperies

Guest post written by Whitney Wilcox

There have been times when I've been drape shopping when I've wanted to buy one type or another, but I always end up buying these basic curtain sets that have everything together. I'd like to be a little more adventurous this time around. So I'm trying to really make a big step into some better interior design with curtains.
I've really spent a whole lot of time looking through curtain and window treatment designs and found some that I really liked. I got my daughter to help me look at some of them because she has better taste than I do. When we were looking, we ran across some information on debt settlement family and I decided to bookmark that so we can come back to it and use it to help us settle the bad parts of our finances.
I finally decided on some pleat draperies. I always love them when I see them hanging up in my friends' homes and how pulled together they look, so I think that they're going to be the perfect look for my living room.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The true history of the Easter holiday

 One of the most important holidays on the entire Christian holiday is the Christmas holiday, and along with the Christmas season, Easter is also one of the most important spiritual holidays that are on the calendar. It is a day that calls for much spiritual reflection as well as spending time with our families. There are many occasions where spending time with family is more important than anything, because the time that we have now is not something that we will be able to get back once it is gone.
There are also those who also have many questions regarding the holidays one of the more specific questions being about the beginnings of the holiday and how it originally started. Most of the people in our country know the story of the beginning of Christmas, but one of the holidays whose beginnings are a little less clear is the Easter holiday. Most of the people know that the Easter holiday originally began as a pagan holiday that celebrated the coming of the spring and the warm weather. Christians for many centuries have celebrated the holiday as a remembrance of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross by giving His life for our sins, thereby allowing every one to be able to enter into a personal relationship with Him.
Today, there are different ways of celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Many families make an annual trip to the Easter bunny, and there is also the Easter egg hunt, and the Easter baskets that are traditionally given to the children on Easter. They are usually colorful baskets that are filled with things like candy and small toys and other gifts. These are meant for the pleasure of the children and they all certainly enjoy it.
Easter baskets are a popular gift because you can personalize it to the person that you intend it for. They can also be involved in he creation of them as a form of entertainment not to mention something that they can create for themselves. There are kits that are available to make them and there are also other retailers that have these items already put together for the convenience of the customers that they serve. Having baskets already put together allows customers to have one place where they can go to in order to find all of the items that they will need in order to make the baskets.
These are not only good ideas for families to use but they can also be used at other occasions that go on during the day as well. There are also schools and churches as will as communities that put on different events for Easter and which will also call for the baskets to be used again as well. There is a lot of work that goes into putting on a good day any time that there is a holiday no matter which one it is. There is also a history that goes with each one that is important to teach those who come after us.