Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009 TimeZone Day!

Just have fun last weekend with Mom, Dad, Lolo Caloy, Lola Mama and Ate Ishi at Time zone! Hooray!!! I love it very muh in there! =)
Let me share some pics of our fun adventure...

I just love this car game ....I am not swiping any card, just love to play with it!

Ate and Lola Mama busy playing with Deal or No Deal!

Random Games....

Bowling with Ate Ishi =) I don't know how to throw it properly yet =p

One on one game with Ate =)

Lolo Caloy, Lola Mama, Daddy, Ate and I playing...Teamwork!

Time for Daddy's Favorite....baskteball!

And another fun fun set of games here...=)

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