Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009 My First Movie House Experience

I had my first Movie House experience this month....My first movie was ICE AGE3 @ SM Valenzuela. I did not enjoy it much, but I am amazed with the surroundings. I am not afraid in the dark but I can't sit there for 2 hours watching, eating popcorn and sipping mango shake that's why I cried and ask mommy to go out. We went out for a while to go to the bathroom and then we go back again so I cried again. Good thing the movie is about to end so mom decided to stand up while trying to convince me to watch until we finally finished it! Here's some of our pics taken by my "makulit mom", she knows cam is prohibited inside but she still managed to took a pic of us inside the cinema.

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