Monday, January 16, 2012

My Birthday Preparation

The day before my birthday, we went shopping for some stuff we need for  my birthday. Mommy shopped for my goodie bags and some balloons for decors. Mommy really loves this kind of stuff. She love to prepare goodie bags, giveaways especially making balloon stuff! 
Last night, mommy did all the pumping of balloons and made me a red and blue pillar balloon with foil car balloon on top.

 She also prepared the goodie bags while me and my sister was asleep coz she don't wanna be disturbed.

I love how mommy did my goodie bags, it's just a simple transparent blue and red bags but she made it wonderful because of the cars stickers. I love it and my visitor loved it too!
Mommy really wanted a business in line with parties coz aside from making all these stuff, she also love kids and she also good at hosting parties!

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