Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Sister's School Tail Gate

I attended my sister's school tailgate last month and it was awesome! Mom and Dad bought us a ride all you can bracelet so we could be able to play in all the games and inflatables prepared for all the guests at my sister's school. It's my first time to attend this kind of event coz we don't have like this in our Country and I am thrilled!
 I love this Tail Gate, everything looks great, there's table top display everywhere with colorful table covers set up like the ones in trade show exhibits! There's also different kind of food stands like popcorn,cotton candies, pizza and more!  The best part was the games and prizes! I personally love the mini golf, the frisbee and fishing! I got lots of toys and candies from winning in the games and i got to enjoy the three inflatables for an hour!
I can't wait to be in Kindergarten already and experienced this all again!

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