Monday, November 28, 2011

Me and Mom

Thanks to Roman May
My mom always read me stories when I was growing up about doctors and families and things like that – I knew from an early age when I got older that I wanted to be a healthcare provider and really make my family come alive again. We needed some money to keep everyone in school and though it cost me an arm and a leg in student loans now I’m making good money being a doctor which is really nice to have. Anyway, the best part of running my own practice is getting to make my own decisions. I have people do deal with stuff like small business xo and paperwork and records and I get to do what I do best which is practice medicine. My favorite thing is that I give the whole staff Friday afternoons off which I know they all appreciate and I know I sure don’t mind it either! It’s nice being the boss and it feels great to give back to my community so I’m just happy to have found my niche.

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