Monday, June 13, 2011

MGR #5 Old but New Toys

Daddy's friends here gave me their kid's old but New TOYS to me! Mom was so worried sick again n cleaning our stuff :D But she' is more strict now, she's not letting us play with all of them, we can only play one at a time :D

Look what we've got here!

Mommy and Daddy don't need to buy us toys for 2 months :D


  1. Lotsa toys to play! Just remember to keep them back in their boxes after playing, Ethan. Mommy will be happy with that, she will not clean the mess anymore. Have fun playing and see you again next Saturday! Thanks!

  2. whoa! it really accumulates! I had ours boxed up sa dami... - Mirage

  3. that's a lot of toys ... enjoy playing!!!

    check out my messy post here!