Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011 3...2....1.....Let it Rip!

Look at my new toy dad bought us here in AR!
Mom brought us some toys from the Philippines but this our first ever toy here. I first saw these beyblades in the Philippines, but I never know how to play with it. I just saw it from my "kuyas' sons of daddy's officemates and my newly met friends. They are always playing with those toys whenever we have gatherings. Ate Ishi and I requested for these toys and daddy bought us 2 weeks ago! Thanks Daddy! I love my beyblades!

Just arrived from Wallmart to buy this beyblade!

We are all excited to open and play with it already!


And so daddy ate and I played with it while mommy has her own thing - taking pictures of us ofcourse ad she's happy with that already!

Thanks again Daddy for our beyblades! Mwah!

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