Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MGR #4 A 'New' but old Toy from a Friend

Hi there, I wasn't able to join last week's edition ...but I am joining now...mommy posted this toys in her MEME - TOY STORIES on Wednesday and I am posting it too here coz these are my messy toys!

Mommy hate this toy, she keeps on keeping this away from us..we can only play with this when we ask her but we have to pack away every single toy first before we can play with this..mommy is so strict I know...but it was just probably our fault for every time we play with these...mommy ending up angry to us coz she's the one picking it up on the floor...

Thanks for visiting my entry!
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  1. Sorry for the late visit Tita. I love playing toys like these too. Thanks for joining and hope you can join again on Saturday. Mwah!